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Applet: Stick figure position

It takes a vector in nine-dimensional space to specify the angles of this stick figure's arms, legs, and head. We denote the configuration vector specifying these angles by $\vec{\theta} = (\theta_1, \theta_2, \theta_3, \theta_4, \theta_5, \theta_6,\theta_7, \theta_8,\theta_9)$. You can drag the sliders with your mouse to change the components of the vector. The components $\theta_1$ and $\theta_2$ specify the angles of his left arm, $\theta_3$ and $\theta_4$ specify the angles of his right arm, $\theta_5$, $\theta_6$, $\theta_7$, and $\theta_8$ specify the angles of his left and right legs, and, finally, $\theta_9$ specifies the angle of his head.

Applet file: stick_figure_position.ggb

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