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About Math Insight

The Math Insight web site contains both narrative pages and interactive applets focusing on the concepts underlying a few topics in mathematics. It has the largest coverage of multivariable calculus, as its origins are from the CSE Multivariable Calculus and Vector Analysis course at the University of Minnesota. Although no effort has been made to turn this into a comprehensive source of information on any topic, the goal is to provide some depth on selected topics, so readers can explore mathematical concepts at different levels, depending on their preparation or interest.

One can view these pages more like a lecture than a textbook. They are not a replacement for a mathematics textbook because they don't cover all the theoretical details behind the main ideas. For the same reason, they should be easier to understand than a textbook.

At present, Math Insight is a work in progress. We welcome comments on how we can improve it.

Math Insight contributors

Math Insight's pages, applets, and images are due to the work of a number of contributors.


We've plotted a few guided tours through some of the Math Insight pages in the form of threads of documents covering a single topic. You can view threads from the thread tab above. Also, on pages that are part of threads, navigation links appear at the right to guide you through the thread.

Notation Systems

Math Insight has a limited capability of changing the notation on some pages to match the notation of different textbooks. You can read more about notation systems.

Contact us

You can contact Math Insight via a contact form, by e-mailing one of the contributors directly, or by sending a message from any specific page. We're always interested in hearing from people who find this work useful or can help us improve it.