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Overview of: Gateway exam

The Math 1241 gateway exam is designed to verify that you have master based algebra skills and so are poised to succeed with Math 1241. The exam is at a slightly higher level than the placement exam that was taken to qualify to take calculus, except without trigonometry. It emphasizes functions, variables, parameters, and inequalities.

The main components of the gateway exam are:

  1. Composition of functions
  2. Exponentiation
  3. Logarithms
  4. Linear equations
  5. Quadratic equations and other simple polynomial equations
  6. Inequalities

You can practice the problems from the Gateway exam by taking the Gateway exam practice.

Exam logistics

The Gateway exam can be retaken as often as you like until deadline. Click the “Generate new assessment attempt” at the bottom of the exam to get a new exam.

Note: you must reach 60% by September 17 and 80% by October 15.

The Gateway exam is intended to be taken with no notes, textbook, or other electronic equipment (such as phones) allowed, except for a scientific calculator. (If you don't have a scientific calculator but only have a graphing calculator, then we ask that you don't use the graphing or symbolic functions of your graphing calculator.)

Since you are taking this exam at home, we cannot enforce such requirements, but use the honor system. If you are unable to obtain an 80% unaided on the Gateway exam, the expectation is that, if you wish to take this course, you will seek help from one of the instructors (or other sources) to brush up on this material. We're here to help you get caught up!

Points and due date summary

Total points: 10
Due: Oct. 15, 2020, 11:59 p.m.
Time limit: 50 minutes

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