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Math Insight contributor Jon Rogness

Jon Rogness
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Director of MathCEP
University of Minnesota
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Jon Rogness has been involved with Math Insight from the beginning and has played a role in shaping applet structure, introducing both LiveGraphics3D and Geogebra.

Pages by Jon Rogness

A differentiable function with discontinuous partial derivatives, The double cone, The ellipsoid, The elliptic paraboloid, The hyperbolic paraboloid, The hyperboloid of one sheet, The hyperboloid of two sheets, Introduction to the Interactive Gallery of Quadric Surfaces, Parametrized curve and derivative as location and velocity, Quadric surfaces, Cross sections of a surface, Surfaces defined implicitly, Surfaces as graphs of functions

Applets by Jon Rogness

Cross section of a sphere, A differentiable function with discontinuous partial derivatives, Double cone coefficients, Double cone cross sections, Double integral Riemann sum, Ellipsoid coefficients, Ellipsoid cross sections, Elliptic paraboloid coefficients, Elliptic paraboloid cross sections, Hyperbolic paraboloid coefficients, Hyperbolic paraboloid cross sections, Hyperboloid of one sheet coefficients, Hyperboloid of one sheet cross sections, Hyperboloid of two sheets coefficients, Hyperboloid of two sheets cross sections, Nonlinear 2D change of variables map, Area transformation of nonlinear 2D change of variables map, Changeable paraboloid, Choosing a surface in Stokes' theorem, Graph of a trigonometric function

Images by Jon Rogness

Elliptic paraboloid on a circular domain, Elliptic paraboloid on a square domain, Parametrization of a circle 1, Parametrization of a circle 2, Parametrization of a circle 3, Parametrization of a circle 4